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We Continue to delve deeply into the Science of Spiritual physiology without fear; but with humbleness. We call our teaching in this church "A Science to Live By." We do not teach a religious dogma or church doctrine, but rather a philosophy which we call "The Science of Living." It can be described in many ways. The word "Science," as we know stems from the Greek word, "Gnosis" ... meaning to know or knowledge. In the first and second centuries A.D. it came to mean an esoteric knowledge of higher religious and philosophic truths to be acquired by an elite group of intellectually developed believers. The "Science of Living" simply means to know how to live. The "Science of Living" is also self-image psychology because it deals with a person coming to know thyself.

The most important fundamental truth is that we can all allow our minds to communicate with a power greater than we are. 


We are out to positively and spiritually uplift, and work toward a better tomorrow. We work tirelessly to help the disable, homeless and feed and clothe the disadvantage. We help those seeking healing and we help you find the path to peace and freedom. When one knows the truth, the truth shall set them free.

Creative Thoughts make great pronouncements.

Creative thought makes it possible for you to achieve your desired objective. The greatest power in the world is the power of your creative mind. If you dream has come from God then you need only to exercise the miracle-working power of your creative mind. You can and will reach that seemingly impossible goal.


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